2014 Year in Preview ~ Life & Times

by Omega Orion Maverick on 2013/12/27

2014 Year in Preview
2014 will be a wonderfully insane year.

It is going to be the year to change the game for me; I truly believe this.


Starting out, I plan to write, edit, and release 52 10~15,000 short stories in 2014. I am also taking this to the next level by releasing them in audio around the same time they are released in written format.

52/365 Plan:

Here is where, how, and why I will be releasing them in this way.

All 52 Stories will be released on Kindle and Kobo (possibly other venues as well if I can figure out Smashwords). The first week they are released they will be $0.99 the week thereafter they will go up to $1.99. There will be five short story collections which will equal 104000 words which will be priced at $6.99 making them less than half of what buying all of them would be. The audio will be free.

This will also be your opportunity to watch the evolution of a writer. I’m going to be learning a lot along the way and will be writing here about it.

COVERS:  I will not have time to design covers and I am not good enough to do all 52 covers by far. I also know the time sink digital design can be (I really enjoy it). So, I am hoping to bring some artists along for the ride. I will give anyone who designs covers for me FULL credit. This will be on the cover (which is unheard of), in the book, on the website where they will be being released (PurpleLightningPublishing.com). If no cover is available I will be making a simple one color cover with the title. I will be using different colors for different genres.

EDITING:  At this point I am planning on doing all the editing myself. However, if anybody wants to help with editing you will get full credit in the book and on the website. It could be used to build your portfolio of editing work.

At the end of the 2014 the stories with the most individual votes (sales) will get the “full season treatment” in 2015.

This maybe crazy but I have never been known for my sanity and I will make this happen.


As I say above, I will be recording the audio of the stories. I will also be producing two and hopefully three podcasts (as long as I can get my equipment upgraded).

1.  Hell is Full: Horror Never Dies!

Continues as my flagship podcast. I have changed it to a short review podcast which cut the production time greatly (which will be exceedingly important in the coming year). However I will also be working to push the brand forward by writing at least one blog post a month.

2.  The Bates Motel Podcast

We’ll see what the future holds for Mr. Norman Bates.

3.  BDSM Related Podcast

This will be my big podcasting project in 2014, I am hoping to have all of the needed equipment in January.

Other writing projects and assorted things & stuff:

As some may know I finished the editing of The True You Manifesto: How I Found My Best Self without Losing My True Self in December. This will be being released as 52 chapters every Wednesday in 2014. Who knows what there maybe that will need to go into that.

Hoping for BOUND to be back in 2014.

I also will be writing here at Omega Maverick dot com more.

I will be doing “The Productivity Report” at the end of every month showing my metrics on productivity in podcasting, writing, and any other endeavors that I have those kinds of metrics on.

The fact that I have never been a focused person in the slightest will make this coming year all the harder. Yet, being that it is one of the things I worked on in 2013, I will have an easier time having laser sharp focus in 2014. Which is why I will both be collecting these metrics as well as why I will be sharing them. Because if my ADD ass can make this type of focus happen so might other people. I will not only be transparent in the metrics I am also going to be such when it comes to my strengths and failures along the way.

I know that I will have a few periods of the year that will be harder than others. The summer is likely to be a tough point as there are normally a concert or five I attend. I also have a party that I go to at least once a month and I am planning to go to Playa Del Fuego in the Spring (Memorial Day Weekend) and possibly in fall as well (Columbus Day Weekend). So, I will have to make sure my word count in the weeks prior is more focused than the rest of the year.

Plus all the whos and whats that will come along along the way.

So, with my 2014 planned out I hope that you my fiends and fans have had a good 2013 and have an amazing 2014.

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Max December 28, 2013 at 5:59 pm

Very excited to see so much going on! Email me about covers, and I’ll see if I can slip some of them into my cover work in progress. Cheers, Max


Omega Orion Maverick December 28, 2013 at 8:06 pm

Awesome! Thank you! I don’t think I have your e-mail address. Should I use the one you have on this post or send you a message on fet?


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