“The future is not set. There is no fate but what we make for ourselves” ~ John Connor (The Terminator)

You try to be a fortune teller. You can try to guess. You can try to estimate. You may ponder and even be perplexed by what you think the future holds. Still you’ll never know what the future holds. You long played the what if game; wallowing in misery when it did not turn out the way you wanted.

Rising to ashes is letting go of what may come. Because the future is overbearing when you feel like it is hovering above you at all times. You must cut yourself off from the future. Only looking to goals to be obtained not wishes in the wind.

Nothing is set; everything is fluid. There is no one path to find the True You. You have to set aside outcome and give yourself over to today. Nothing good is going to happen if you’re just looking at what the future may hold. You’ll be living in future failures based on past outcomes by way of today.

You must destroy the future seer within.

Today is all you have so give yourself permission to live and die in today. The future has nothing to give you, you will always be left wanting. When tomorrow comes all you will have is today. Your future is here now. If you live in tomorrow you lose the happiness you could find today.

Do not bring tomorrow’s rotted corpse into today’s smile. You will lose yourself. You’ll be drained of life having given your power to the fairytale of tomorrow. Remember that today is only yesterday’s future. Give over to today completely. Know that you have the ability to live in this moment without fear of tomorrow’s outcome. You have the power to make your own goals.

Will you give your power away or grasp it firmly?

There is no one true way to tomorrow only your way. It is time to quit analyzing and start doing. Give yourself to who you need to be and not who you have been. You can Rise to Ashes or die a thousand deaths in the festering corpse of who you once were. You will only find the True You with patience. Let go of the past and the lie of perfection. You will never know what tomorrow will bring. You could die after reading this.

You should live in the eyes of today and not the twinkle of the future. Never again follow the lie of what may come. Be strong because it is easy to live in the fantasy of the future which is like looking at the lottery as your savings. You should plan. You should set goals. However, you should not plan without the considering how to obtain your goals.

Remember someone with less that will succeed and someone who has more will fail. You cannot be trapped in the future past. If you want to have regrowth and rebirth. You have to fight for it now. Today. In this moment. You can wish for a million things, you can want a billion stars. But, there is no benefit in excreting rainbows and unicorns about the future if you’re not working on being the best you today. The old you is dead there is only the you of today. The True You will only come out of growing today and forgetting what the future may hold.

You have been raised to believe you can be anything, it was a lie. But, you can be more than you ever thought you could be. But, only if you’re willing to work your ass off for it. You will get what you want if you go for what you need. Follow the ebb and flow of who you know you want to be, who you need to be, who you will be.

Stop. Fighting. It.

You have to stop fighting yourself. Stop dragging yourself into the pits of bile within. There is nothing glorious about wallowing in your misery. There is nothing grand in giving over to the pain that has permeated your soul.

You will be more than the sum of your past.
You will be more than the promise of the future.
You will be the best you, the True You.


Because no one and nothing will stand in your way, unless you let them.

So, forget the future and live today.


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The True You Manifesto (Chapter 50) Rise to Ashes

by Omega Orion Maverick on 2014/12/10

“Let me show you what death taste like.” ~ As Angels Bleed: Desire

Rise to Ashes? What… isn’t that Rise from Ashes?

Hell No!

Rising to Ashes is a completely different experience. Rising from ashes is a pretty little metaphor. You rise from ashes becoming a mighty phoenix. How easy it is to forget fire dies. Rising from Ashes isn’t pretty you’re covered in the filth, waste, and grime of the past. You Rise to Ashes by cleansing yourself in the ashes of the old you.

When you Rising to Ashes you feast on the corpse of what you used to be. You were so broken and mangled only a soulless corpse staying who you were. You Rise to Ashes scarred and broken. Having to rebuild yourself breaking through the ashes of your previous life. Having had nothing left, feeling hopeless but knowing you must go on. So, you rebuild the only way you can. Covered in the ashes of the cremated corpse of who you once were. Reeking of death with your insides feeling charred and dead.

Rise to Ashes by refusing to give the world the satisfaction, stubbornly refusing to take yourself out. Yes, who you were is dead. Nothing left but ashes of a corpse burned too many times by too much caring.

Still, there is no reason to throw out what worked about the old you. These are the ashes; the tiny bits of who you were that worked. Use those ashes to grow into the best you, the True You. Someone that defies logic, something others might see as grotesque. As long you now see this new life has renewed meaning you’ll continue to grow. You will get to a point nothing and no one can destroy you again. Becoming stronger as you mold yourself out of the ashes of the dead.

You are not a mystical bird, you’re a ball of mud and ash. To quote Fight Club: “You are the same decaying organic matter as everything else”. You will only find the best you through the murder of the old you. You can hang on to memories refusing to make more or you can embrace the death of who you were, what you were.

You were weak. You were stupid. You were naïve.

Cremate who you were. It’s has been long dead it is starting to smell. Its ashes are only for your use. You’ll be stronger with your renewing death; the scars that form giving you power over yourself. A power that can only be taken from you if you so choose. It is the time to push your hand through your own cremated remains. Rising out of your urn so that you may Rise to Ashes. Fending off unwanted advice and unneeded care shown by so many people refusing to acknowledge the death of the old you.

Remember that you are no better than anyone else; you just see things differently. You’ve attained a new life through the death of the old. You will still struggle with ghosts of the old you. Slipping back into death routines; getting clog by festering patterns. Becoming more takes patience and time. If you Rise to Ashes, you’ll become a warm corpse living in a world of silver tones. Stepping into a new night with the moon giving new life to a once lifeless corpse.

You have too long been a walking urn for a long dead personality that never worked. Spread your ashes to the wind. No longer holding on as mental death is only the beginning. You have so many more days to come without fear of the plague within.

You, a former walking corpse, only knew pain. It is only now you are starting to feel life.

A seed is planted in the ashes of the past; let that seed grow within you. Let this new personality grow. The old you is dead but there is something new waiting to grow. Learn to embrace this redeath. Kill off what once was and become more than you have ever been.


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The True You Manifesto (Chapter 49) One True Way

by Omega Orion Maverick on 2014/12/03

Many people are apt to tell you the right way for you. They will say their way is the best and others will bring you ruin. However, there is no one true way. There is no best way because the True You is built not found. You will not find one guide, guru, or tome to give a special guiding light. It just does not exist. The True You can only be obtained by looking for it in anything and everything then making it happen.

Take from everything that feels correct and toss out the rest. You cannot have the easy way. You will not have a single hand to grasp to take you down the entire path. It would be wonderful if you could just take a hand and go where is best for you. Yet, that is a fairytale told to sell books, to market to you, to lie to you. It is for the unthinking masses so that they can bow on bended knee without thought or question.

You must always question why something is right for you.

Look around, analyze everything, and decide what is right for you. It is the critical moment to take the next step. This is the time for you to step forward and find your true way. Because there is no other way to obtain the True You. It is not going to be handed to you in any one book; even if it were to be written by you.

Learn. Build. Grow. Rebuild.

The one true way is your true way. Only you can decide what is right for you. No one else can give you this power, there is no special way or pill. You have no contemporaries that will be your guide. You must set down a path that is right for you; there is nothing you can do to make this easier. Not if you want it too really be better. Not if you want to become the best you.

Forget the compulsion to want something that will disappoint you at some point. Anything and everything you place on a pedestal will disappoint you at some point. Yet, even when your guru’s pedestal crumbles; it does not mean that their lessons that rung true to you are less valid. It in no way means that you should go around jaded and bitter. It simply means that some parts of those teachings are not true to you. You need to go forward in life seeing the next step and always looking for the next way to grow.

Because there is NO one true way.

You will not find the True You in a single book, movie, or teaching. You will find yourself the best you in many different styles and teaching. Some subjects might seem like they have nothing to teach you. Yet, you’ll find nuggets of truth that speak to the True You in the oddest of sources. So, keep your mind open at all times to the possibility of finding another piece of the True You. Everyone and everything around you may have something to teach you. Too often overlooked is the possible brilliance of an idiot’s words while trying to figure out the wisdom of a genius.

Finding your true way means striping down everything you learn and asking if it is right for you. Without doing this you will likely be following untruths to you. Always be learning your own truths. Never allow yourself to be too old to learn, never be too far gone. You always have the choice to resurrect a new life. Even if you feel dead now, you can become someone new. Rise to Ashes, embrace the death of your past self and become something new. Finding the True You, your own path.

Quit following any idols that are false to you; cleanse yourself of untrue teachings. Your true way will be a much harder path. Yet, it will be cleaner and fresher. You’ll can find yourself energized, invigorated, struggling but happy.

You have to be willing to listen and grow. You will need to see that you can become more. You need to distill everything through the filter of what is best for you. It isn’t easy, it isn’t always pretty, but you will find freedom in choosing the chain of your true way.

Is the True You worth it?

Yes, it is. You must be willing to destroy all the evils of your past. You’ll become more than you have ever been. It is time to stand tall and embrace YOUR true path. Yes, you will struggle, you will back slide, you will have moments of doubt.

However, you will know that the only one true way is your true way.


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The True You Manifesto (Chapter 48) Consider Yourself First

by Omega Orion Maverick on 2014/11/26

You often feel you’re on the outside looking in, like you do not belong. As if you’re in an alien world just a little out of phase. You feel awkward often but other people’s perception of you bewilders you all the more. If you are being totally honest, you would never want to feel like you fit in. You enjoy people for the most part but hate having to deal with human interactions.

Even through you have long studied these interactions in-depth; you still feel like you’re fumbling in the dark. You had to study because you never understood the way other people thought. You’ve never understood “normal” social conventions. From your earliest memories you saw people mingle and react. Yet, you never understood why they reacted the way they did. Since you could not figure it out, you went on your own path. Over time this has become instinctual. You still trip and fall on your face, just now you care less than you used to.

Even when you feel like a lab rat trying to figure out the maze that is human interaction. It is time to stop doubting. Yes, you should consider other people but consider yourself first. You have too long considered other people and forgotten yourself. You twisted yourself till you wrung out all the happiness. You have to consider yourself in order to consider others. You must take back a power you have never believed you had.

It is a time of rebirth and regrowth.

You may never find what you want but you will get what you need. It is not inconsequential, getting what you need brings happiness. Given how little you have believed in happiness; considering you’ve often believed it an impossibility for you. It’s understandable you would think this is illogical and frankly stupid. You believe that even considering the idea maybe wish fulfillment fantasy of a madman.

Maybe it is…

Yet, isn’t it better to believe in a madman than to continue thinking that your happiness is an impossible?

A lofty goal without a doubt but an attainable one. If you allow yourself to believe it possible that is. You believed happiness was impossible in the past and it turned you into one of the walking dead. A breathing corpse murdered by the wish for what passed on. Living in the desire to change the past to have happiness in the future. It never worked. Because, you attached your happiness to the past and to your consideration of others. You must consider your now and yourself first. Yes, it really is that important to have tempered selfishness. You see, you are stronger than you’ve given yourself credit for.

It’s always been a struggle to give yourself credit even though logically you know how many people you have helped. You forget this completely every time you fall in the dark place. Which you have struggled with more lately than you had for awhile.

You can feel that sinking, drowning, dying feeling. You want to feel again. You know you’ll never be free of the curse that is fleeting happiness. However, you also know you CAN attain happiness even if it is fleeting. Even that you doubt and wonder if your trust switch is broken. But, it is time you focusing on you helping you and keeping better control of yourself. You will learn to trust yourself again. Because, nothing is worth losing the True You.

It will always be a struggle when your knee jerk reaction is to consider other people before yourself. But, you have to know and see, happiness is attainable if you consider yourself first.


You’ve never been good at going with the ebb and flow of life. You’ve turned to people when you have had them to turn to. You’ve needed that shoulder and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, you have lately been coming to terms with the value of independence. It has been a hard lesson for you to grasp and take hold of. You would much rather stay dependent but there is no return to innocence. You must become the True You. You will become the self that you have fought for so long.

You need to be able to rely on yourself then others.

Plain and simple, you need to look inward and find the strength to be the True You. No matter who comes and goes from your own life. There is no doubting, there is no more hiding, you must look within yourself to become the best you.

To become who you have always been.

Quit trying to move away from yourself, quit trying to please anything other than the self. Yes, this is selfish. You know you will never totally do this nor should you. Because when solely focusing on ourselves till you no longer pay no attention to others is only a path to utter loneliness. Yet, also you must be strong in your resolve to be the True You. There is nothing wrong with this; there is no idea stronger than the belief in one’s self.

You need connections in life because no individual is an island. No matter how much you wish that platitude wasn’t true. However, you also need independence and self assurance from within so you can be good for others. Because, there is no getting past one fact: whether you like it or not you are human.

You have emotions that you can control, but only should to a point. You need people no matter how much you hate it. You got comfortable in the loneliness but in there you found solace and ease in your solitude. Yet, you also have to be part of the rest of the world.

There is an ebb and flow to emotions and connections with others effect it. You’ll be pulled in one direction or another. Still, you’re finding the best you, the True You. You are finding who you are in each day in each way in order to be better with every breath.

Yet, you were still able to be torn down in an instant. The stress of life made you crumble like stale bread. This is something you have to face: you have your weaknesses. This is not an insult; everyone has strengths and weaknesses. When you try to fight the ebb and flow you end up a stagnate mess of numbness not living or dead.

Less a zombie and more an empty husk that just exists. This is why you must embrace the connections in life. The reality is that you need this ebb and flow between chaos and routine.

It is gives your life some sort of obscene meaning and you know you have to embrace what is in front of you. Find your independence while embracing and cherishing those rare few you can trust. Because, you can embrace the loneliness and despair or you can can fight harder. So you can becoming stronger, faster, grander than you ever have been. You have the ability to do this if you let yourself.

Will you let yourself?
Will you allow yourself to embrace a new independence?
What will you choose to do with it?

There is no one true way and there is no right way. There is only your way. You can choose to fight the death of the old you. Letting yourself wallow in the misery of the loss of past days or you can start riding the tides of the ebb and flow. Making the choices of how you will feel even knowing you will not always live up to your own expectations.

You can be more than the sum of who you used to be.


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